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Emerald Green


So we’ve been through the whole ‘green eyes’ are the rarest of all the eye colours. That’s why they have

such a draw power and that’s why people stare.

Now there are different shades of green – forest, mint, jade and others.

What if there was a green that really stole the scene? We’re talking ‘stop traffic, stop talking, almost stop breathing’, mesmerizing eyes.

Those eyes aren’t just green – they’re EMERALD GREEN contacts.

You’d want to get your hot little hands on them as quick as lightning.

You’re probably asking yourself where you could buy emerald green contacts online today.

Lucky you – you’ve found the perfect place.


It might seem a little distracting and a little odd – but all in a good way.

When people come in contact with your emerald green contact lenses, you are going to see some jaws drop. We’re talking open mouths and no words coming out – just stunned and surprised.

These are green eyes that everyone will envy.

Green eye contacts are great Emerald Green contacts are even better. These are not just everyday, looking good kind of contacts. These have the total WOW factor – which in your case stands for Watch Out World!

You’ll feel special in your special pair of Emerald Green eye contacts.


Remember the Wizard of Oz?
A little girl Dorothy and her little dog are trapped in a farmhouse that gets lifted into the sky during a storm and lands in a strange new world.

They travel along the yellow brick road to find a wizard – no coincidence. After all it is called  the Wizard of Oz?

He grants everyone their one special wish but you have to travel to Emerald City.

Did they choose Emerald by mistake or just by chance? No, they didn’t.

Emeralds are precious and mysterious.

An emerald has a special green with a special power.

They could’ve called it Browntown or Pinkopolis or some other colour, but the magic is missing.

Now just take a moment and think about a magic eye colour…

Green                                   Win!
Now think of an even more magical eye colour

Emerald Green!                Win-Win!

Imagine looking into someone’s eyes and they are Emerald Green?

Captivating or what?

Now imagine you have those magical eyes.

Yours can be! You can drive people out of their senses wearing a pair of Emerald Green eye contacts.

There is more than one colour of contacts out there but these have an extra mystery to them.

Get the look that will get everyone looking at you with emerald green contact lenses.


Emerald green contacts will make you the envy of any get-together because you’ve got it together!

Will it break your budget? Will it take weeks to get them?

No and No.

MesmerEyez has the best in:

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And they don’t cost the earth but you will look out of this world.

Make those eyeballs into amazeballs. Buy emerald green contacts online now.

Don’t muck around, hit the town in emerald green contacts.

And just watch the fun reaction as you mesmerize everyone who looks into your eyes.

Oh, and a word of advice: Watch where you’re walking because - Yes, you will stop traffic.

Remember, you can head online anytime and get delivery Australia wide!

Live it up and get the Emerald green contacts to die for.

Don’t second guess yourself – get in first.

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