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Natural Grey Coloured Contact Lenses


Natural Grey Contact Lenses

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Ok, we might not have 50 shades, but we have a fair few. You’re

guaranteed to find your perfect shade of grey in our natural contact lens collection.

Grey eyes are mysterious and rare. With an almost supernatural quality, you can exude intelligence and cool. Choose a subtle grey or a bolder colour to grab attention.

Brew a storm of grey or a cloudy day — pick from our range of shades to set the temperature of your eye look.

If you’ve tried our natural grey contact lenses and you’re looking for something whacky, head on over to our Halloween eye contacts. We have a complete collection of ghoulish lenses that will blow your mind. There are no limits.

Naturally Charming

Turn heads and set trends with a pair of grey lenses.

Our premium range of natural grey contact lenses are convincingly real. They will completely conceal the original colour of your eye to create an effortless, natural look. The only give away will be when you take them out at the end of the day.

Changing up your appearance can give you the freedom to try new things and be the version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be. It’s time the outside reflected the inside — use our stunning range of natural contacts to transform.

If you get addicted to your new look, you have options. Choose from our 1-month, 3-month, or 1-year lens kits to make your adventure last even longer.

Let your grey-eyed alter-ego out to play today.

Comfortable and safe 

Our natural grey contact lenses are completely safe and comfortable to wear.

All you have to do is follow the instructions and care guide. Just be sure to take your contacts out before you go to bed! We want you to start the day with a fresh set of peepers.

Your second set of eyes will be undetectable to other people as well as the wearer. After the initial adjustment when you put them in place, you will forget you are wearing any contacts at all.

All of our contacts are sourced from high-quality UK manufacturers. Although our products are affordable, we never compromise on quality.

If you’re going to put something in your eye, we’ll make sure it’s safe.

Fast Free Shipping 

Congratulations! You’ve finally found the perfect place to shop without getting ripped off.

When you shop with us, there are no nasty shipping costs added at the checkout. The price you see is the price you pay.

If you need your natural grey contact lenses soon, you can opt for express shipping when you checkout. You could even be eligible for free express shipping! Within the blink of an eye, you will have your new lenses.

If you have any questions about our natural range or would like to know more about shipping, feel free to get in touch with our team.