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Orange Coloured Contact Lenses & Orange Eye Contacts


When you’re lost for a new look and are

just about to give up on something that will be truly unique and super eye-catching, go all out with a pair of orange contact lenses.

These are the coloured contacts that defy the sense and really pack a hell of a punch. For real knockout eyes and a kick A effect, you can’t go past orange coloured contacts. The great thing is that no-one else will either.

It’s these little beauties that stop people dead in their tracks. You can almost hear their minds ticking over with “Hang on! Did I just see a pair of orange eyes?”

Yes! They did and they’re all yours to use when and where you like.

Grab the attention in orange colored eye contacts

Pow! That’s one hell of a powerful entrance at a party.

Bang! That’s shooting down any doubts about going unnoticed.

Boom! And that’s the explosive way you have started a chain reaction of different conversations.

People will think the whole place is haunted with all the whispers about “orange eyes”, “those eyes are orange” and “have you seen the orange coloured eyes?” That’s you and your orange coloured contacts they’re all talking about.

There’s nothing like a set of orange contact lenses to steal the limelight. And don’t you LOVE IT!!

A delicious look is yours

You might be thinking that there’s only one shade of orange colored eye contacts out there.


You can get some seriously sensational pairs of orange contact lenses.

You can make a full transformation of your eyes into any of these delicious looks;

  • Orange Werewolf for an OMG look
  • Twilight Bella Halloween lenses that give you a haunting effect on everyone else
  • Clockwork Orange lenses that are crazily cool

The beauty of these little babies is that they work wonders no matter what shade your natural eye colour is.

There’s no turning back once you try a pair for yourself. You will be hooked on the great reactions you get and the way everyone is suddenly trying to work out what exactly you’ve done to get all the buzz happening around you.

Orange coloured eyes

There’s always been something special about the colour orange.

It always makes you feel uplifted, fresh and alive.

Maybe it’s the way it combines the lively energy of red and the joy of yellow. Orange is associated with sunshine and happiness. It represents enthusiasm, fascination, creativity, determination and stimulation.

Well say a big hello to all of that in your new set of orange coloured contacts.

You are going to be living proof that orange brings a world of fascination and stimulation as soon as you walk into a room.

There’s so much fun to be had with a great pair of coloured lenses.

It’s a great way to lift your spirits if you’re ever feeling a bit jaded or flat. Pop in your pair of orange contact lenses and you’ll feel inspired and energised in a matter of seconds.

You can almost feel the buzz now just thinking about it.

Isn’t it time to try some orange coloured contacts for yourself?

The thing about wearing orange contact lenses is that the response from others makes them pretty damn addictive.

No more shyness. No more wallflower or feeling boring. These coloured contact lenses do nearly all the work for you. Talk about a conversation starter!

The great thing is, with orange contact lenses from MesmerEyez, you get the best of British Made, EU Quality Certified coloured lenses. These are the best of the best and you don’t have to break the bank to get yourself a pair.

MesmerEyez always have the top line in Natural, Halloween, Fancy Dress and Cosplay coloured lenses. Get yourself a sensational set of contacts and start making an impact.

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