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Purple Coloured Contact Lenses & Violet Eye Contacts


Wow! Just WOW! There is nothing like a pair of purple contact lenses to grab everyone’s


You don’t need to be an Einstein to work out that wearing any set of purple coloured contacts is going to get you noticed.

We’re not talking about a quick second glance from someone passing you by. Forget that. With any pair of purple contact lenses in, you are in for a shipload of mesmerised stares, open mouths and even one or two looks of envy.  

Did we just say Purple coloured contacts?

You bet your soft oysters we did.

These are the purple contact lenses that defy the senses. You can’t even think of going in half-hearted when you choose a pair of purple or violet coloured contacts.

Just think of how total amazeballs you can look and then double it!

The look you can get is to-die-for. Take your pick and but do it quick because these little wonders are a special edition that sell like crazy. The looks include;

  • Pure Violet - a pure pleasure to wear
  • Lavender – one of the most luscious eye colours under the Sun
  • Violet Out – a pale purple tint that draws everyone in
  • Violet Natural – naturally a favourite or pop and movie stars

You’ve heard the saying ‘nothing like it’, well, with purple colored eye contacts there isn’t anything like them. That’s why people love them and you will too.

Make any day an event or special occasion

The power of purple contact lenses is that they can turn any day or night into something special.

The transforming effect is nothing short of mind blowing.

Forget the everyday blue or brown eyes and get ready to set the world on fire in your new shade of purple or violet.

Remember that purple is the colour that is usually linked to something luxurious, extravagant, creative and magical. Not bad having some of that magic shining out of your eyes.

The only trouble is that you could fall in love with staring at yourself in the mirror. It only takes these little wonders a moment to suddenly hypnotise you with their unbelievably unique colour.

A whole new look on life

Don’t sit there feeling bored with your look when there is a world of opportunity waiting for you.  Dare yourself to try a pair of purple colored eye contacts and see the difference for yourself.

When you want to break free and make your mark, go with purple or violet contacts. If you really want to stand out from the crowd then here’s your ticket. There is nothing like a pair of purple contact lenses to send people into a spin.

You will be the centre of attention even long after you’ve left. There will be whispers and wonderings about ‘who was that with those amazing coloured eyes?’

Not everyone is going to know they’re your special new coloured contacts – or new best party friends – but everyone is going to remember ‘those eyes’.

It’s a guarantee of glorious gorgeousness and they’re all yours to enjoy.

The perfect pair of purple coloured contacts are waiting

Whether it’s for an event, special occasion or a fancy dress party, you can’t miss with a set of purple contact lenses.

The quality is second to none. These are the top coloured contact lenses from around the world. That’s certified EU quality coloured lenses and they’re ready to go. Order your new pair and get your new look happening today.

MesmerEyez lenses give you an amazing look at sensational prices.

MesmerEyez – your gorgeous eyes are waiting.