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    Solotica Naturals

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    Solotica Natural Colours

    Naturally Beautiful Contact Lenses

    Solotica has been manufacturing coloured contact lenses since 1949.

    For contact lenses that blend unique colours with a totally natural look, there is no
    better choice. This ethereal collection of coloured contacts will wow anyone who
    meets your gaze.

    Solotica has had a huge head start when it comes to making beautiful contact
    lenses. The Solotica Natural colours are a staple in the beauty industry.

    There’s a reason so many people around the world choose Solotica. Their
    beautiful variety of lenses are developed with help from eye-care industry
    professionals and talented designers.

    You can choose from the Natural, Solflex, Hidrocor, or Aquarella range.

    Each beautiful collection is designed for different use. Some are for long or short term
    use, others have bold colours, some look more natural. Shop around and find
    the perfect pair for you.

    These contacts are perfect for whatever you have in mind. Wear them every day or
    save them for a special event — the choice is yours. Let the colour you choose
    match your personality.

    Shop the full collection now and enhance your natural beauty.

    Solotica Natural Colours are Unique 

    This collection of beautiful colours are designed by the best.

    Where other basic contact lenses come in block colours, the Solotica Natural
    colours are a work of art. Blending different tones and flecks of colour, each set
    has a ‘secret’ limbal ring that gives your eye an etherial, yet natural, look.

    This collection of contacts is made for 1 year of use and can be worn for 8-12
    hours per day.

    Completely conceal your natural eye colour with any of the stunning colours in this
    range: Quartzo, Ocre, Topazio, Grafite, Cristal, Avela, Mel, Ice, and Amber.

    Designed for long-term use, the natural collection is perfect for wearing every day.
    If you are saving them for a special occasion, they are perfect for that too! People
    wear these enchanting lenses to weddings, concerts, photoshoots, and dates.

    Browse the entire range of colours and find your new best friend.

    Safety and Comfort First 

    Solotica Natural colours are completely safe and comfortable to wear.
    Simply put them in and you are ready to go — there’s no painful application
    process or preparation needed.

    At MesmerEyez we only stock products from reputable manufacturers.

    Solotica has a quality system certification (Certification ISO 13485: 2003) and a
    Certificate TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration - marketing
    authorization in Australia).

    Make sure you get the most out of your contact lenses by following the user
    instructions and looking after them properly.

    Need help looking after your lenses? Shop our range of accessories.

    Free Shipping? Naturally 

    Are you tired of wasting all of your hard-earned cash on shipping costs?

    We’ve taken the pressure off your wallet and decided to make shipping free on all
    orders. You may even be eligible for free express shipping. Heck yes!

    Choose your favourite shade now and have it delivered to your door.

    If you have any questions about our Solotica Natural colours, get in touch.