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Solotica Coloured Contact Lenses

Solotica Colour Contact lenses

Classic Choice fro Contact Lenses 

Solotica colour contact lenses have been around since 1949.

You can trust that this Brazilian company knows how to make a stunning

pair of
coloured eye contacts.

Choose from their range of breathtaking natural colours in the Hirdocor, Solflex,
and Aquarella range. You will find every colour you can imagine and more.

These are some of the most natural-looking contact lenses you will find in the
world. Solotica is years ahead of the competition and have been refining their
designs to bring you a unique and beautiful coloured contact look

Browse through the complete range now.

Solotica lenses are classy and convincing. Wear a pair to your next event. This
range of natural colours is perfect for weddings, concerts, dates, photoshoots, or
just a day around the house. Dress them up or down — the choice is yours.

Naturally Charming

Have you been lusting over the eye colour of one of your mates? Maybe your
crush mentioned they can’t resist deep green eyes? Or perhaps you’ve always
wanted to know what you looked like with brown eyes?

You can fulfil all of your eye contact fantasies with the Solotica colour contact
lenses range.

This dazzling collection of contacts are so realistic, no one will be able to tell you
are wearing them. They are so comfortable, you won’t be able to tell either. Just
don’t give yourself a shock when you look in the mirror.

That’s the best thing about Solitica contacts — all of a sudden, you can find a
completely different person staring back at you in the mirror. Set your personality
free and express the true you with our natural collection of contacts.
Make your look last by ordering a set of 1-year lenses.

Safe and Comfortable Contacts

Solotica colour contact lenses are premium quality.

Solotica works with industry professionals to continue the development of their
contact lens range. Safety and comfort are the number one priority.

The company has a quality system certification (Certification ISO 13485: 2003)
and a Certificate TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration - marketing
authorization in Australia).

You can get the perfect pair of lenses without any hygiene risks or eye problems.
All you have to do is follow the wear and care instructions and have fun with your
brand new contacts.

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Order now and have your new coloured lenses delivered right to your door. The
next time you leave the house you will have transformed into a new person.

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