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UV Coloured Contact Lenses

The best UV contact lenses for Halloween in Australia

Looking for the ultimate in coloured contacts for Halloween?

Want a dead set winning

set of Halloween lenses?

You can stop worrying. The name to remember is MesmerEyez!

We all want something special and to feel special. It’s even more important when it comes to dressing up for a costume party or Halloween.

A pair of UV contacts for Halloween is going to get you noticed, for all the right reasons.

Forget feeling invisible when you walk into a party. With UV coloured contacts in, you’ll walk straight into the spotlight.

“Who’s that?” “Look at those eyes!” And a truckload of compliments are coming your way, so be prepared for the extra attention and lap it up! You deserve it.

OMG in your UV

When you’re heading out for Halloween or any dress-up party, you want to look a million bucks without having to pay through the nose to do it.

That’s where coloured contacts make all the difference and you don’t get much better than the eye-catching look of UV contacts for Halloween or costume parties.

Here’s your chance to sparkle, shine and just look amazeballs. The beauty is, it doesn’t take all that much effort unless you count a click or two of your mouse.

Lenses that defy the senses

Get a pair of UV contact lenses this Halloween, Australia! Yeah, all of you!

You’ll turn your Halloween outfit into a rock solid winner with a pair of UV coloured contacts in.

The looks are pretty awesome and you’ll see when you’ve got some.

The range includes the to-die-for colours and shades of: Vino Red, Glass White, Mal Chick Yellow and even Billy Boy Blue.

Whatever you do, get a pair happening for you this Halloween.

Oh and do yourself and your new lenses a favour – snap up a set of the special Multi-purpose solution and care case so your contacts will be fresh and ready to go when you are.

A great look is all sorted

Looking great for Halloween or any costume party is easy. Durrrh! It’s right in front of you.

MesmerEyez gives you a VIP pass to look super-fantastic in great UV contacts for Halloween.

Order today and don’t worry if you live out of the way. MesmerEyez deliver anywhere – Australia wide.

MesmerEyez – get your eyeballs looking amazeballs!