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For a look that’s totally unique – say hello to yellow contact lenses


are the perfect coloured contacts when you’re ready for thrills and adventure.

Out of everyone who is wearing coloured lenses in this whole wide world, there’s only a few who know the awesome power of a simple pair of yellow contact lenses.

Once you’ve got a pair of these babies in, you’re all set for some stunned looks and fun times ahead.

You can be very shy and subtle, but not in a pair of yellow lenses! Forget the whole idea of blending in with the background and not getting any of the limelight because everyone is going to remember you and THOSE amazing eyes.

Did we say Yellow lenses? You bet your bananas! Because that’s exactly what people are going to go when they catch even a glimpse of those super-hypnotic eyes of yours.

Yes, you can find some great shades in Natural lenses but there’s something supernatural about yellow contact lenses that give you a look that’s out of this world.

The world is yelling for Yellow lenses

If they aren’t screaming their lungs out for a pair of yellow coloured contacts then they will be shrieking with the shock of seeing them in someone else’s eyes.

It’s a freak out effect that’s worth every cent.

The only tricky part is to find which pair of yellow lenses is going to work for you. You’d be crazy to stop at just one or two.

The wow factor comes your way in everything from Yellow monthly lenses to the special Mal Chick Yellow contacts which have a powerful yellow tone and glow brightly under UV light!

If you want something on the mild side rather than the wild side, get yourself the yellow hint in the tinted charm of Yellow Oak lenses, plus there’s a delightful selection of Solotica lenses that have a magic mix of yellow that are all set to mesmerise.

If you’re here to go the full on freak-out, then you’ve come to the right place. Yellow contact lenses have something about them that don’t just stand out – they are a dead set knockout! Get your set of yellow lenses and start making some serious waves wherever you go.

Warning: People are going to be straight out jealous of you in your yellow contacts. Don’t take it too personally, after all, they just wish they got their hot little hands on a pair for themselves.

Need a pair to get those stares heading your way? You don’t have to sit around wondering where to find the best of the best. We’re talking quality certified and ship hop looking (work it out!)

They’re right here waiting at MesmerEyez – and – we deliver anywhere – Australia wide.

MesmerEyez – hello freakin’ awesome look, goodbye to boring