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Cosmetic Costume Lenses
The world of cosmetic contact lenses has grown over the years.

The affordability and convenience of wearing contacts instead of glasses has seen the development of a whole range of cosmetic contact lenses.

From simply changing the colour of your eyes to blue, brown or green to the ever growing choice of shaded tints, the choices seem endless.

Dark eyes can be lighter and brighter and light coloured eyes can be deeper and darker.

The growing popularity of cosmetic lenses now includes a variety of styles that cover everything from fancy dress looks or the chance to look like a wolf, zombie or alien for Halloween.

For anyone after a new look, the future of cosmetic contact lenses offers a whole world of opportunity.


The history of cosmetic contact lenses goes back a long way.

The very first known contact lenses were made by Müller Söhne in Germany in 1887. These lenses were known as ‘contact shells’. They had a protective function, rather than a cosmetic one but they gave birth to the idea of how contacts could be used.

In 1930, another German company, Carl Zeiss, began producing ‘Umbral’ tinted contact lenses. There is confusion as to whether the tint was meant to simply reduce the amount of light entering the eye (a bit like sunglasses) or to help reduce the glare. Either way, the possibility of changing the colour of eyes was born and has never looked back.

The Hungarian Dr Josef Dallos then created some tinted lenses and cosmetic scleral lenses in 1936. He ground a depression onto the front of the lens. The iris was painted onto this and then a clear glass cap was cemented into place.

By 1940 the process of producing lenses had radically changed. A Perspex lens was 60% lighter than an identical glass lens. It could have a coloured optic portion or a coloured scleral portion… or both.

With the invention of the first ‘soft’ contact lenses in Czechoslovakia in the early 60’s, it wasn’t long before tinted soft lenses and soft lenses with a hand painted iris became a reality.

By 2004, one study showed ‘44% of current contact lens wearers were interested in enhancing or changing their natural eye colour’. The popularity has steadily built from there.

These days there are purely cosmetic lenses or so-called 'decorative' contacts which change the appearance of the eye without vision correction.

Now anyone can change their look anytime they want. End of story!


For dark eyed people, something opaque coloured are often the best choice.

For a natural-looking change, you could go for a haunting hazel or a lighter golden honey brown can work wonders too. If you really want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, go for a more vibrant colour like a bright blue, vivid violet or green. The choice of colour is only limited by your imagination.


Despite the huge growth in cosmetic contact lenses, there is still a number of people who are confused about them.

“I don’t wear contact lenses, so I can’t wear coloured contacts”. Wrong!

Cosmetic lenses are just that – cosmetic. These are not a medical device. They are simply an easy and fun way to change the colour of your eyes. End of story.

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