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    Don't be Haunted by a Halloween Costume Disaster (And How To Avoid It)

    Don't be Haunted by a Halloween Costume Disaster (And How To Avoid It)

    Halloween – Dress up, don’t mess up.

    Halloween is all about having fun.

    Yeah, some people might get a bit freaked out with some looks. Some people might go a bit too far with their costume and get a bit too much into character.

    Yes, I’m talking about you Christo with your villainous vampire act. Kelly didn’t like the ‘little nip’ of your teeth – big Fangs for nothing and it took three weeks for that ‘love bite’ to fade away you zombie.

    Having a laugh and dressing up is the idea – but messing up is all too easy. Make sure you get a funky and freaky Halloween look.

    Don’t make it difficult and always (ALWAYS) get a second or third opinion on your outfit.

    What seems like a good idea in your head may not make it out in the real or surreal world.


    How’s this one?

    A girl got all outfitted and made-up to look a million dollars as a Princess.

    Tipped over into the OCD side of things about how important the costume was. She runs late for the party and can’t find parking in the street. Has to go blocks away and head there on her golden slipper feet.

    She stumbles on the heels and falls into a rosebush. Struggles to get herself free. Rips and tears her costume, has a couple of scratches and a cut on her forehead.

    Manages to find her way to the party but slips on the polished floorboards as she walks in.

    She has a back that’s stiffer than an ironing board as she’s helped to her feet.

    Her best friend comes rushing over and there she is – a bloodied face, tattered clothes and she can only take a stuttered step to the safety of a chair.

    A nightmare on what should’ve been one of the nights of her life.
    Funny thing is she ends up laughing her head off because she wins Best Dressed outfit because everyone thinks she’s come as a zombie!

    True story!

    It happened to my best friend’s cousin’s room-mate.


    Here’s a few other stories of costume chaos.


    One guy was super lazy about his special Nerd outfit. In a last minute rush, he bought a pair of glasses without paying any attention to the strength of the lenses. The glasses were seriously thick.

    Cut to a pretty drunk dude who has left the glasses on all night. See, the glasses were a proper prescription pair.

    The party is over and he wakes up to four straight days of a splitting headache, and feeling dizzy. He’d spent all night straining his eyes wearing heavy prescription glasses meant for a person who is nearly blind.

    Do not muck around with real glasses. Get coloured Halloween contact lenses instead. Safe, easy and just harmless fun.


    Getting dressed up as a mummy by being wrapped from head to toe in – no, not bandages – but toilet paper. It completely shredded by the time the wearer got half way to the car. Returned home in nothing but underwear and complete devastation.

    Special Note: Any toilet paper costume is a sh** idea.

    Goodbye Halloween and Hello Humiliation.

    Now, these are going to be great stories to tell AFTER the fact, but you don’t want to go through it in the first place.


    Yes, you can go hell for leather at Halloween, but unless you are an Olympic athlete or you train every day for hours, don’t wear leather, lycra or anything body hugging. Sorry, but everyone is going to see that cake you had three days earlier. Trust me!


    For what it’s worth - they are pretty much perfect outlay - you can’t go past Halloween contact lenses. They don’t cost the earth and you can look like something from another world.

    Just think about it. You can go all freak-out with White Out Halloween contacts or show-stop in Bloodshot Drops.

    Even if it’s not the most unforgettable Halloween party ever, people are sure going to remember you and those devilish eyes.


    Halloween is about having a freakin’ great time, so jump into it.

    You can build a great look around the look of your Halloween lenses. Add a bit of fake blood, a cape or a wacky wig and you’re away!

    How do you get your hands on a pair of the best Halloween eye contacts in Australia?

    Head to Mesmereyez.

    You’ll find a great range and we can send your Halloween eye contacts Australia wide!

    Check out the super selection at our online store or shoot us a message.

    Mesmereyez has your great look for Halloween and every party where you want to be seen.

    Get a look that cooks right here - 24/7.

    How Brown Contacts for Blue Eyes Work

    How Brown Contacts for Blue Eyes Work

    Okay, so you haven’t be given the gift of some deep or dark or honey brown eyes. You’re begging to get your hands on some quality brown coloured contacts.

    In the old days – like back in 2006 or something – you would be crying about it now.

    “Boo hoo – my baby blues are soooo boringly bad”

    Listen here – here’s a few tips on getting yourself sorted.

    1. That’s not a good way to see yourself
    2. Don’t be an ingrate because it’s friggin’ infuriating
    3. You CAN get brown coloured contacts for a fresh change
    4. Just think, there’s probably a sweet brown eyed thing sooking because they want your blue eyes
    5. Remember these four points, because I don’t want to say them again

    So you want brown contacts for blue eyes and you want to know how good they’ll look.

    Let’s get a little back story first.


    The story with coloured contact lenses is that they’re designed to imitate the natural look of the coloured part of the eye. It’s called the IRIS.

    Where have you been? Not to school much apparently.

    Seriously, who doesn’t know that? Geez Louise. Now, moving on…

    The iris (how did you not know what that was?) and actually the whole area is made up of colourful shapes and lines.

    No, not the bloodshot squiggly stuff in your eyes because you binged watched that Netflix show.

    We’re talking about the natural coloured part of the eye here.

    Now, some coloured contacts feature a series of teeny-tiny coloured dots and lines and shapes to help the contacts look more natural when they’re put in.

    Nifty trick!

    Unlike Mike trying his ‘juggling’ tick the other week.

    And no, I don’t go for ‘rescued omelette’ because I don’t eat stuff off the floor!

    Let’s leave that and look at how brown contacts for blue eyes work.

    And let me say, they work wonders!

    Brown Contacts for Blue Eyes

    How do they work? How good do they look?

    Now, this might sound boring but here’s the go with the wearing brown contact lenses with light coloured eyes.

    Now blue eyes are a little trickier to darken than hazel or brown. You’ll need fuller lenses to cover the light colour or the eyes otherwise those baby blues will still be shining through.

    The idea is to lessen the luminosity of the lens to ameliorate the…. uhhhhh! Snore-fest!

    Basically, the brown coloured contacts should shut-down the brightness of blue.

    Going with a lighter brown, like honey brown contacts is a great option.

    You don’t want a weird look – this isn’t Halloween and it may not work well if you go too dark.

    Make sure your new brown coloured contacts are in the colour and tone you want. Remember to keep in mind that if your eye colour is really light, you may not be getting the full chocolate coloured effect that you’re after.

    With brown or dark coloured eyes, you need to go for opaque tint lenses. These have a non-transparent tint that can completely change your eye colour.

    Sorry, just didn’t want you to think we forgot you.

    The different browns around

    Luckily for you and your eyes of blue, there are a whole truckload of gorgeously great looking brown coloured contacts.

    It’s your lucky day, or month or more – because they come in pairs for everything from a day to a year.

    You have a choice of super delicious brown coloured contacts.

    Check out these magic melting options:

    When you’re making the big change-over/make-over of brown contacts for blue eyes, it’s probably easier to go for something like the hazel or honey brown contacts.

    Either way, you get a sweet selection to choose from.


    Where to go for those special brown contacts for blue eyes?

    It’s now easier than ever to get your mitts on a seriously great pair of the brown coloured contacts in Australia.

    Head to headquarters pronto – that’s Mesmereyez.

    You’ll find the best brown coloured contacts range there is. The bonus is we can send your new coloured contacts Australia wide!

    Check out the super selection at our online store or shoot us a message.

    Mesmereyez has your great look for you for every day wear or for the perfect party look.

    Get a look that is cooking with gas. It’s all here - 24/7.