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Mini Sclera Contact Lenses

There is a special thing about having the top range of quality coloured contact lenses at your disposal because it means you can change your look in more than one way and in the most exciting colours imaginable. Then there’s the power of turning up that transformation by wearing the hottest options in fabulous Halloween contact lenses.

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Nothing quite pulls off the full on freak out look like wearing a pair of the best Mini Scleral lenses. If
you’ve never seen them before, you are in for one hell of a treat. These are the coloured lenses that cover most the white of your eye (that’s called the
Sclera). You don’t just get a look that surprises, you get a look that defies the senses because there is hardly anything that can make your natural eyes
turn supernatural like these contacts can.

Imagine seeing someone with most of their eye in a fiery look of Mini Sclera Red Rage lenses or the blood sucking shock value of Mini Sclera Vampire lenses. The freakiness just doesn’t stop with these special 17mm
coloured contacts because you can go all out with something like a pair of Mini Sclera Corruption contacts that really take the fright factor up to the max. You will find them all here at the home of high quality and comfortable eye contacts, that’s MesmerEyez.
Get that other worldly look happening for you with help from the world’s leading coloured lenses and all backed by world class customer service every day.