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Blind Contact Lenses

Of all the different and mind-blowing Halloween contact lenses you can find, there’s nothing quite like having coloured contacts that give you a super-freaky look. That’s exactly the heart-stopping style you can get when you wear a pair of the latest quality blind contact lenses. If you’ve never worn Blind contacts before, then you are in for a real treat and one that will get you all the attention at your next Fancy Dress or Halloween party.

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These are the Halloween lenses that pack more punch than almost anything you’ve seen or worn before and it all comes down to the fact that your eyes look like you must be from another world. These aren’t just great coloured contact lenses, these are the lenses that cover the pupil of your eye to transform you into something supernatural. The best part is that these are A-grade lenses which are European CE marked and quality approved plus they have a 45% water content so you can wear them all night – for up to a whole 8 hours.

It’s a special thing to be spoiled for choice and you have a whole selection of fabulous freak-out looks available, including the ghostly Blind White Halloween lenses and the beautifully shocking Blind Lightning Halloween contacts. For eyes that will send shivers down everyone’s spine (including yours!), you can’t go past the phenomenal power of wearing a pair of Blind Bloodshot Drops lenses. Now you have the ticket to creating a Halloween costume or fantastic Fancy Dress outfit that will leave anyone who looks into your eyes completely breathless.