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You are already at the home of the world’s best coloured contact lenses and you can also get a great collection of accessories to make your life of transformation all the more easy. Having the top names in coloured contacts all ready to go is a powerful thing, but having the ultimate in accessories makes it all the more rewarding.

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You’ve probably already seen the sensational choices in the MesmerEyez range of Halloween contact lenses, and wanted to know how that person got that incredible look. Now you know that mind-blowing look starts with the choice of those Halloween lenses, but it’s all taken to a whole new level with the right accessories.

You can get everything you need to keep your coloured lenses safe, secure and hygienic with quality products like the MesmerEyez contact lens case & contact solution. Now you can add an extra razzle and dazzle to your collection by choosing the special MesmerEyez
Luxury Cosmetic Contact Kit
to keep your lenses in mint condition. There’s always something out of the ordinary at MesmerEyez, like the gory glamour of Liquid Latex Pro, which helps you take your Halloween, Cosplay or Fancy Dress outfit to a different world. If you’re after a special gift for someone special, go that
extra step in style by getting them a Deluxe
Cosmetic Contact Kit
with a mirror, two lens cases and a lens applicator all perfectly packed away in the one handy holder.