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1 Month Naturals

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Okay, so you’re looking to buy a great set of 1 month natural contact lenses.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s Brown, Blue, Green

or anything in between – you can get your new 1 month contact lenses right here – right now.

Check out the options on our optical offerings.

You can almost see the surprised faces of everyone else when you mesmerize them in your new 1 month natural coloured contact lenses. You might even surprise yourself.


The MesmerEyez colour range puts you in a picture perfect look. Whatever the colour, whatever the shade – you have a new you waiting.

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Purple
  • White


So you’ve tried the 1 day contact lenses for a party or Halloween and you loooooved it.

Now you can get that sass and sizzle going for more than just one night with 1 month natural contact lenses.

You probably won’t want to be a vampire or werewolf, but you can get some serious sparkle going with a nifty new colour shining in your eyes.

How good will you feel?


You walk into work on Monday morning and everyone is like – Wow!

Yes, they might take a minute to work out you’re wearing your new 1 month natural coloured contact lenses but give them a break – and hey! It’s Monday!

You might get compliments for your new dress or your new haircut (when you know you’re wearing something from last Weds and you’re booked into the hairdresser next week).

Don’t worry, you will get more feedback than a bad sound engineer at a bush doof. The difference is – yours will all be positive.

THEN – there will be that magic moment when people see your eyes up close.

It’ll start with a look of “what’s different?” and “…your eyes…”, then “oh my…” and there’s no other word coming out. Their jaw has dropped and they are just staring into your eyes like a kid at a toy shop window. Oh yeah, you have mesmerized them.

After a minute or two (maybe more with some people), they will start the whole “Wow” “Geez” “Amazing” and every other compliment they can find because they’re still dazzled by your new 1 month contact lenses.

Try not to laugh if you hear someone say the classic cover-up “Oh, I knew you had coloured contacts in, but I just couldn’t tell what colour” or some such half-baked crapola.

Then you can have a little fun with them, you can tell them where you got them or keep that little secret for another time. Point is, you’re going to have a serious amount of smirk on your face for weeks in your 1 month natural contact lenses.


You’re going to look sooooo good it hurts. The best part is that when you buy 1 month natural contact lenses online from MesmerEyez, you know you’ve got a huge choice and a whole lot of friendly back-up if you need it.

Looks like you’re ready to take your chance to show the world your new look. Start the new month fresh and fun-loving right now!

Get your new 1 month natural contact lenses today and a new you is on the way.

Only one name in the contact lenses game!

MesmerEyez – the online contact lenses store that gives you more.

MesmerEyez – look amazeballs 24/7.