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    Solotica Hidrocor Contact Lenses

    The Core of the Contact Lens Industry 

    Solotica has been manufacturing coloured contact lenses since 1949.

    Over their many years of refining and developing their stunning lenses, they have
    come up with different collections to suit your needs.

    Browse through their Natural, Hidrocor, Soflex, and Aquarella collections and find
    the perfect pair of lenses to transform your look.

    Solotica is known for their natural colours and long-lasting lenses. You will not find
    a more convincing looking set of coloured contacts anywhere in the world.
    Shop the full collection now.

    Pop in a pair of our Solotica Hidrocor contact lenses for your next date, wedding,
    concert, photoshoot, or special event. Or you can fool your friends for an entire

    Whether you want a special occasion surprise or an everyday lens look, these are
    the coloured contacts for you.

    What is so Special About Solotica Hidrocor Contact Lenses?

    These cosmetic lenses do not have a limbal ring (the dark ring around the iris of
    the eye) which makes them look extremely natural. The colour just blends nicely
    into the whites of your eyes.

    The Hidrocor range are yearly lenses which have a strong opacity. That means you
    can completely conceal your natural eye colour for up to a year.

    This collection is made from Polymacon and is FDA and CE approved.

    If you care for your lenses properly, they will last for up to a year. You can wear the
    Hidrocor range for 8-12 hours daily but please remember to take them out before
    you go to bed.

    People all around the world love Solotica Hidrocor contact lenses. Thank
    goodness the Brazilian based lens experts have made their coloured contacts
    available to Australian customers.

    Safe and Comfortable Contacts 

    There's no painful application process and removing your coloured contacts is
    easy. Enjoy the fact that you can completely transform your look with one cool
    accessory — your eyes!

    Solotica Hidrocor contact lenses are manufactured to strict standards.

    The company works with industry professionals to make sure you only put safe and
    comfortable contact lenses into your eye. The entire process is easy and pain-free.

    Solotica has a quality system certification (Certification ISO 13485: 2003) and a
    Certificate TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration - marketing
    authorization in Australia).

    At MesmerEyez we are proud to supply premium quality natural contacts to our
    customers. All you have to do is follow the wear and care instructions to get the
    most out of your brand new lenses.

    Shop our range of accessories.

    Free Shipping! 

    Every order comes with free shipping.

    You cover the cost of your lenses and we will take care of the rest. Can I get a hell

    Spend the right amount and you could be eligible for free express shipping. Just
    blink and your lenses will be waiting at your door.

    Since you’ve saved so much money on shipping, feel free to browse through the
    rest of our coloured contacts and add to your order.

    If you have any questions about our Solotica Hidrocor contact lenses, please get in