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    Halloween Black Contact Lenses

    Nobody can miss a pair of black contacts

    There’s always been a debate about the best coloured eyes.

    One thing’s for certain – everybody notices someone wearing Black eye contacts.

    Don’t you want to be that special someone that nobody can ignore?

    With a special set of black contact lenses in, you’re in for one hell of a great night (or morning if you’ve gone past midnight). You can start with a 1 day wonder pair of Blackout lenses or a 3 month set of Black Mini Sclera. Those are black contacts with a pow and a wow factor!

    Yes – some people will jump back. Yes – some people will gasp or even scream but NO! NO! NO! Nobody is going to miss a chance to look at you when you walk in the door wearing these. Watch out please!

    They’re a little cheeky and a whole lot of freaky. These are the best fun for anyone wanting a new Halloween look or a killer ingredient for some costume party mayhem.

    Just remember, with black contacts, you need to be ready for a scream or two.

    Black or shades of grey?

    We know black contact lenses might sound a bit stark and a bit too dark, but trust us – these are the shi…ver down the spine winners.

    But, if you want to go a little less full-on, you can get yourself some mesmerizing grey contact lenses.

    There’s a choice of the greatest grey contacts in everything from Pure Grey, Cool Grey, Pearl Grey and even Platinum Grey. Whatever you want, from a sexy shade to an alluring look that lingers, you have an amazing range to choose from.

    And – whenever you’re ready to graduate to the full freak effect of black contacts, they’re all here for you too!

    Your friends will love your look (even be a little jealous). You’ll be getting rave reviews and plenty of double takes from whoever you meet.

    Want to check out a pair or two of black contact lenses or grey contacts for yourself?

    Remember, they’re right here waiting at MesmerEyez – and – we deliver anywhere – Australia wide.

    MesmerEyez – hello great look, goodbye boring