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1 Year Natural


Got a New Year resolution that’s still hanging around?
You wanted to make a change – maybe get to the gym more, do more fun stuff, get more out of life?

You still can and you can do it

any time of the year when you buy 1 year natural contact lenses online from MesmerEyez.

Get more out of life? Oh yeah – getting some extra sparkle and pizzazz in your world is easy and it all starts in your new look.

With 1 year natural coloured contact lenses in, it shows you’re out to make a splash.

It’s not just a one-off party treat (although, how much fun is that!). Putting some serious style and sass into your life is here and now with these super 1 year natural contact lenses.

That’s right – they’re not just natural, they’re super natural because you will spellbind people and bewitch almost everyone who looks your way.


The beauty of 1 year contact lenses is that you get the feel of your new look and then you start becoming the person behind the eyes.

You can say, “Goodbye to the shyness” and “Hello to a new spark of confidence”.

It’s the extra buzz about you that people will notice. You’ll feel a bit of a lift in your life too. Who knows? You might even start something new just because you see yourself a little differently.

Now we know wearing your new 1 year natural contact lenses probably isn’t going to change your whole world (would you really want it to?), but you might see yourself making some of those changes you’ve always wanted to make.

It’s a kick start to kicking… (well, you know you won’t be sitting around wondering what could’ve been)

Fresh eyes – a fresh look at life! It used to be hard to find, but now it’s so easy.


There’s a world of colour in your new 1-year contact lenses.

What about being spoilt for choice? You can find the colour that works best for you.

It could be a little tricky when there are so many shades to get your eyes shining.

Blue – Brown – Green – Grey

What do you say?

You can give them all a try and see how high you can fly.

If you’re tired of your look and lost a bit of your spark, maybe it’s time you tried some 1-year natural coloured contact lenses.

Just think of what you could do with a new look. You can picture yourself in any number of colours.

Here are a couple of samples that could add some extra excitement to your world.

  • Topaz Blue for a precious look.
  • Chocolate Chai for a smouldering and sweet style
  • Maybe a Cool Grey that is the perfect mix of misty with a hint of mystery.

These aren’t just super cool looking lenses, they’re also super comfortable, light weight and soft to wear.

You’ll feel fresh and fully vibed stepping out with your new 1 year natural coloured contact lenses in.

Don’t be left wondering how good you can look. Get your New You happening today!


The best part of 1 year contact lenses is that you have them for more than a day or a month. You can do a switch to which colour you want to go with, depending on your mood or the season.

Or, just go with your new killer look all the whole year round.

Buy your new 1 year natural contact lenses online today. Right Here – Right Now.

The perfect pair is waiting for you at MesmerEyez.

MesmerEyez – a look that’s drop dead gorgeous 24/7.