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Solotica Aquarella Contact Lenses

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The Best Natural Contacts in the World

Solotica has been manufacturing coloured contact lenses since 1949.

With so many years to perfect their products,

it’s no wonder that their Solotica
Aquarella contact lenses are the best. If you’re looking for an extremely naturallooking
set of coloured lenses, look no further.

Solotica works with eye-care industry professionals and designers to refine their
collection of contact lenses. You can choose from the Natural, Solflex, Hidrocor, or
Aquarella range.

Each variety of lenses are available in a range of stunning natural colours.

This type of lens is suitable for every event — wear them to your wedding, date,
concert, photoshoot, rave, or trip to the supermarket. You can dress them up and

When you wear a pair of these premium quality lenses, one thing is for sure — you
will make people look twice. Get attention for all the right reasons.

Shop the full collection now and find the perfect shade to match your personality.
Why Choose Solotica Aquarella Contact Lenses?

There is no other choice for short-wear natural contact lenses.

With no limbal ring (the black ring around the iris of the eye) the colour blends
naturally into your eye. This kind of blurred effect is a great way to achieve a
natural look.

The Solotica Aquarella contact lenses range is designed for a use of up to five

Completely conceal your original eye colour with these beautiful colour options:
sea green, sienna brown, cyan blue, sepia grey, and golden ochre.

For an affordable price, you can get the look you’ve always dreamed of. There’s no
expensive preparation or upkeep involved — all you have to do is pop in your
lenses and become a better version of you.

Fool everyone with this amazing range of lenses. Influencers and celebrities all
around the world choose Solotica Aquarella for short term coloured contacts.

Safety and Comfort First

We don’t stock any products that don’t meet our strict quality standards.
The first question we always ask is are they safe? The second question we ask is
are they comfortable? Only contacts that pass the test make it through to our
loyal customers.

The Solotica Aquarella contact lenses collection is manufactured to the highest
standards. These contact lenses are completely safe and comfortable to wear.

Solotica has a quality system certification (Certification ISO 13485: 2003) and a
Certificate TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration - marketing
authorization in Australia).

Make sure you get the most out of your new contacts by following the wear and
care instructions.

You can look after your lenses with our range of accessories.

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