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Brown Coloured Contact Lenses & Brown Eye Contacts

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If you haven’t got brown eyes and you want to get all sultry and smoky eyed then treat yourself to a pair or two of the latest in beautiful brown

contact lenses.

There are almost too many amazing shades of brown to choose from. You can find something to suit your mood or to set the mood. Deep and dark brown brings a mysterious mystique about you and the lighter shades are nothing short of smouldering.

You’ll be surprised at how different each pair of the top brown coloured contacts make your eyes.  The special thing is that these brown contact lenses look even better with a hint of your natural eye colour under them. You can understand why these are the lenses that people are going crazy for.

What shade of brown will suit you best?

You could be one of those who thinks brown is not the most exciting colour on the planet.

Okay, first up - you’re forgiven! Second, you need to get out more and get with the latest in what’s happening with brown colored eye contacts. There are shades that you will hardly believe and that’s before you seem them in real life.

Imagine your eyes transformed into any of these delicious looks;

  • Chocolate Chai or Caramel Tea
  • Hazel, Light Hazel, Forest Hazel or Hazel Bronze
  • Golden or Honey Brown
  • Ochre, Coco Brown & Amethyst

The dark and light varieties are mind blowing whichever way you go.

One thing’s for certain, you can’t go wrong with the array of amazing brown coloured contacts at MesmerEyez – no way!

Changing up your natural eye colour

If you have lighter coloured eyes then brown contact lenses can make them all the more magical.

Pale blue or grey eyes are all fine, but when you want something different and daring, go with a deep shade of brown. You’ll see a new you in next to no time and you won’t look back.

Just think for a second here – your blue eyes are now the colour of honey or hazel or caramel. Tell me you aren’t jumping out of your skin!

You are going to get a truckload of attention and a ton of double takes as friends and colleagues try to work out exactly what is different about you.

You’ll wonder why you didn’t jump at the chance to do a special little transformation earlier.

The only mistake you can make is only getting one pair. Life’s too short for not having as much fun as you can playing with your new look possibilities.

A new shade of brown

Even if you have been born with brown eyes, there’s a special thing about brown colored eye contacts for you too.

If you’re already dark and dangerous, you can go a softer and sensual shade. The great thing is that the whole change can be as subtle as you like.

If you’ve got those light brown wonders already then why not go all deep and mysterious for a while?

You can go as far away from your natural colour as you want. The choice is all yours.

What about wearing a different colour in each eye just to mess with people’s minds? It’s a fun little way to add some extra spark to a whole new look.

Your great new brown coloured contacts are waiting

Okay, now it’s time to get your brown eyes shining.

Remember, these are the top brown contact lenses on the market. Certified EU quality coloured lenses and they’re all yours. You want sophisticated, sexy, sensual or straight out striking, you got it!

MesmerEyez lenses have the look you’re looking for. Sensational lenses at seriously great prices.

MesmerEyez – a gorgeous new look is ready to go.