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Black MesmerEyez Coloured Contact Lenses

Welcome to the world of the most amazing coloured contacts and the way to transform yourself and your look at just the click of your mouse. You can choose from almost every variety of shade or tint imaginable and make it your new eye colour whenever you want. All the latest from the world’s leading names are online now in a huge choice of the highest quality coloured contact lenses around.

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MesmerEyez brings you the best selection of the top brands in Natural, Halloween, Cosplay and Fancy Dress lenses and fabulous accessories. You can alter your day to day look to suit your mood and when it comes to a party or event, you’re spoiled for choice with the unbelievable range of stunning Halloween contact lenses that cover everything from freaky to fabulous.

The best part is that you can choose a fantastic look for as long as you want, in either 1 Day, 1 Month, 3 Months or even Yearly lenses. For the most alluring and
exquisite Natural lenses, whether it’s gorgeous blues, browns, greens, hazel or grey, they’re all here waiting for you. There’s something super special about having the magic of total transformation at your fingertips, like you get with the heart-melting Midnight Blue coloured contacts or the glamour of English Oak coloured contacts. When you want to get all the heads turning your way, there’s always something like the freak out factor of Full Eye Black Sclera lenses ready for you. Get yourself the ultimate in European quality approved coloured lenses and enjoy five-star customer service all the way by heading to the home of sensational coloured contacts - that’s MesmerEyez and you’re already here.