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Mayfair Ice Natural Coloured Contact Lenses

The Blendz Mayfair Ice Coloured Contacts are part of a Strong coloured lenses range. The Blendz colour lenses are comfortable, light and soft to wear and your eyes will feel hydrated, fresh and comfortable all while you are wearing them. (Lenses come in pair)Β 


"Super fast delivery, great customer service. Continued returning customer. Thanks team!" - Leah, from Melbourne

There's something special about the cool look of Mayfair Ice contact lenses. It's the send a chill down the spine factor that comes with wearing these amazing contacts. There are so many shades of blue around but there's only one that conjures up the perfect mix of mystery and magic. Get yourself a pair of these incredible coloured contacts and see the alluring power for yourself with your very own eyes AND in your very own eyes.

Who can wear these little wonders? Anyone who wants to look damn hot! MesmerEyez brings you another set of the most creative and captivating coloured contacts in the world. Grab the chance to steal the spotlight today. A soft blue that packs a punch When you're looking for something that is arresting, something that stops people dead in their tracks, you can't do better than a pair of mesmerising Mayfair Ice contact lenses.

Will you get a whole lot of attention wearing Mayfair Ice? Abso-positively Will you suddenly

see people turn your way and want to know who you are? You better believe it! Will you get tired of all the stares and double takes coming your way? You better hope not! There's no way you are going to go unnoticed in the hypnotising look of Mayfair Ice lenses. There's a soft and subtle fascination about the unique blue shining through. You'll have a certain power in your look whenever and wherever you wear them. Make a real entrance at a party or blow everyone away at a festival or special occasion and you can make an everyday outfit something extraordinary - the choice is yours.

Look a Million Dollars With Mayfair Ice contact lenses on your side, you will look like some sort of movie star. No-one and we mean, no-one can have the super special blue working for them but you. (Unless, of course, you tell one or two of your friends about them, but what sort of friend would copy your great look when there are so many other fantastic choices in the MesmerEyez range. How about a pair of exotic Caramel Tea lenses? Or get a set of Windsor Green to show the world that you mean business and that business is to grab the limelight. Why waste another minute wondering how good you'll look when they're ready and raring to go?

The Top Name in Coloured Contacts When you get yourself any pair of coloured contacts, make sure they are the top quality lenses that have been fully tested and approved. Just how good are MesmerEyez lenses? You can be sure that they are the best of the best because they're made in the UK to strict EU standards. The special 45% water content means your eyes will always feel fresh and hydrated. The bonus is just how soft and light these lenses are to wear. The time to Wow starts now! MesmerEyez a dead-set gorgeous look is here 24/7.

  • Sold as a pair
  • Wear for maximum of 8 hours
  • 45% water content
  • Lens diameter: Approx. 14mm
  • Packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline
  • Manufactured in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive
  • European CE marked
  • UK Brand
  • Instructions Included with Package

Note: All MesmerEyez lenses come in pairs. Remember, our lenses DO NOT come with a case or solution. For 1 Month, 3 Month and 1 Year, you will need a case and solution to maintain your lenses. You will also need to soak them before your first use. You can buy these online from our website under 'Accessories' or purchase them from your local chemist.

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