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Pink Coloured Contact Lenses & Pink Eye Contacts



Ready to go with a full-on fun set of coloured lenses? Then you can’t beat the power of pink

contact lenses.

You can look pretty phenomenal in a perky pair of pink coloured contacts.

These are the coloured lenses that pack a punch while being pretty as a picture.

How can someone not smile at you when you’re wearing these little whimsical wonders?

It’s a party look like no other and it shows that you have a great sense of humour and you’re ready to have a heap of fun. The perfect way to pick up your mood and inspire everyone else starts with a simple pair of pink colored eye contacts.

A set of smiling eyes

There is a certain liberating power behind a pair of pink contact lenses.

You would have to go a lonnnnnng way to find a more playful way to transform your eyes.

Here’s your chance to show a different side to yourself. Wearing pink coloured contacts gives you full license for everyone to know you are playful, sweet and that you can be cute as a button. Ohhhhh!

Pink makes you think of everything from;

  • Bubble gum
  • Fairy floss
  • Sweets and treats
  • Little babies
  • Cakes
  • Strawberry ice-cream

You can see how uplifting these are and why the colour pink can pick up the vibe. Nothing can be too serious with the colour pink involved.

Add something fancy to your Fancy Dress

When it comes to a fancy dress party or dress-up occasion, you need something that helps you stand out from the crowd. The last thing you want is to just look like everybody else.

That’s where the full-on fun factor of pink colored eye contacts can make all the difference to you.

These are the perfect coloured lenses for a whole host of great fancy dress outfits.

Any cartoon character, comic book star or – let’s be honest here – any weirdo will look all the more amazing with a pair of pink contact lenses topping off the costume.

Want to add a splash of joy to the party, then make these your go-to coloured contacts.

A little bit of nonsense is great

There is nothing better than laughing without really having a reason. We’ve all been there. You just want to giggle and grin but you can’t really work out why you’re doing it.

That’s the train you’re on here and your pink coloured contacts are your ticket to having a real laugh.

It’s a childlike joy that you get from wearing pink. The latest rage now is people dressing as unicorns and fairies, even magical creatures from children’s books. These are the perfect idea of Halloween and Cosplay costumes.

The dress is pink. The hair is too. Even the make-up is all light hearted and filled with sparkles and shimmering jewels. Put a pair of pink contact lenses in the mix and Hey Presto! You’re going to look a million times more magical with these cheeky winners on your side.

You can even get a pair that glow under UV lighting. That’s just enchanting.

It’s a mistake to think that pink coloured contacts are some sort of toxic terrors that will only do harm to your eyes and your reputation.

These pretty delights are pretty damn amazing. The best thing is that they are UK Made with special EU quality certification, so you know you are wearing top notch lenses.

The extra bonus is that you get that quality at a fantastic price thanks to MesmerEyez.  

When you’re ready to party and get a look that sets the right mood – you know where to go.

MesmerEyez – the best lenses for anyone who wants to have fun.