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eye-green Full Sclera Contact Lenses


You can now pick and choose from some seriously incredible coloured contact lenses, but did you know about a special type of coloured contact that covers the whole eye for a whole new way to look freaky? These are a special invention that takes the best of sensational Halloween contact lenses to a whole new level of the Wow factor. There is nothing quite like the OMG effect that you can get when you wear a pair of these sensational coloured contacts.

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No matter what you thought you knew about how much of a shock someone can get seeing eyes in the wildest, mind-blowing lenses, you are in for one hell of a surprise. Nothing can prepare you for the shock and awe when you encounter a pair of the spine-tingling Sclera contacts. Forget thinking that you don’t scare easily, because you will feel like you have somehow stepped straight into a horror movie when you see ‘those eyes’ and they’ll be ones you’ll never forget.

The transformation is nothing short of incredible and the whole trick of these magical lenses is that they don’t just cover the coloured iris of the eye – they can cover the WHOLE eye in a way that will blow you away. Just think how amazing you can look wearing a set of Black Sclera Halloween lenses or have eyes that look like human skin when you pop in your pair of specially coloured Human Sclera contacts. If that’s not enough to have people screaming in fright and running for the door, then you can always unleash the power of WWZ Sclera lenses that everyone will swear makes you look like you’re from a whole different planet.