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Gold Solution & Cases

When you are lucky enough to get your hands on the world’s leading and highest quality coloured contact lenses, you want to make sure that you get full value from them. That’s why it’s important to keep them safe, secure and hygienic at all times so you can just pop in the pair of your choice whenever you want to. It’s the same story, no matter what type of lenses you use, from the top range of Natural to the fantastic Halloween contact lenses that are all yours at MesmerEyez.

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Looking after your special coloured lenses has never been easier and it means that you can have that gorgeous style, freaky look or wild and wacky appearance without a worry in the world. All it takes is a quality product to match those quality lenses and that’s exactly what you get with the Contact Lens
Solution & Case

Even something super special like Sclera lenses can be specially accommodated with the trusted Full Sclera
22mm Lens Case
ready to be added when you pick out your lenses. What about giving yourself and your lenses that extra bit of stylishness that shows that
you are serious about how you look after your favourite lenses? You can now bring a bit of the luxurious life into your days and nights wearing the top
coloured contacts with the delightful elegance of the MesmerEyez Luxury Cosmetic contact kit.