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Special FX


Halloween Makeup

Make your own house rules this Halloween

Get inspired by our full collection of Halloween special effects makeup. We have everything

you need to completely transform your face and body. Try our fake blood, latex and wax, and out face and body paint to make this Halloween truly unique.

Whether you’re dressing for Halloween or any other event, MesmerEyez have you covered. Our SFX Halloween makeup is perfect for Cosplay events, fancy dress parties, photoshoots, film shoots, raves, and job interviews. Ok, maybe not job interviews, unless your boss-to-be is a zombie.

When it comes to Halloween makeup, there are no rules. Our premium products are designed for easy application and long-lasting looks. All that’s missing is your creative flair.

Remember — you are the canvas! Make sure you tag us on Instagram with your SFX creations. We love seeing our amazing products in action.

Horrifying High Quality 

It’s scary how good our Halloween makeup is.

Our collection of scabs, wax, fake blood, and paint will help you create the most gruesome wounds and ghoulish characters. Please don’t blame us if you get mistakenly taken to the emergency room for your fake injuries.

At MesmerEyez, we only stock high-quality SFX Halloween makeup. Each product is designed to be used safely on the body and easy to remove.

Look like you’ve just stepped off a Hollywood film set. Gone are the days where only professional SFX artists could create a convincing look. You can get professional-level products for a fraction of the price online now.

Countless Costume Options

With our Halloween makeup, you’ll be able to become any creature your heart desires. Add a pair of our Halloween contact lenses and you will knock the socks off your friends at your next costume party.

The best part is, you’ll be able to conjure a new creature every night. If you have multiple events to attend, you don’t need to go out and buy a new costume. Simply use your SFX kit to fashion another freaky look — no extra budget needed.

Use our wound kits to absolutely maim yourself and imitate a zombie, corpse, or vampire. Our body and face paint is perfect for countless looks including day of the dead makeup, demons, white walkers, cats, Shrek, or anything your crazy brain can come up with.

Fast Free Shipping

Have you left your costume preparation to the last minute? Have no fear!

We know how quickly a costume party can sneak up on you. It’s creepy how often that happens. That’s why we have an awesome shipping system sorted out for you.

At MesmerEyez, we offer fast free shipping on all local orders. If you need to, you can even upgrade to express shipping at the checkout. Our service team are almost supernatural — they will have your order packed and shipped ASAP.

If you have any questions about our Halloween special effects makeup or shipping information, please feel free to get in touch with our team.