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Blue UV Contact Lenses

You’ve probably seen and even been lucky enough to wear a pair of the most dramatic and powerful Halloween contact lenses, but there is always a demand for something even more haunting and now it’s here. Of all the fabulous and scarily good coloured lenses out there, it’s having the power to glow in the dark that makes a pair of UV contact lenses that special something you’ve always wanted. If you haven’t seen them with your own two eyes, then you won’t believe the breath taking look you can get with a set of these unique Fancy Dress or Halloween party winners.

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Having your own collection of seriously stunning coloured contact lenses is a wonderful thing, but adding a pair of UV coloured contacts just takes you to a whole new level of awesomeness. You get that extra edge to your Halloween, Cosplay or Fancy Dress costume because these are the lenses that take you to another world when they catch any UV light and give you that spine tingling glow in your eyes. It’s an incredible look and it’s unbelievably easy to make happen with the collection of quality UV lenses from MesmerEyez.

Get ready to accept the award for being Best Dressed at your next party when you pop in your new pair of the blinding beauty that comes with Glass White UV Halloween lenses or when you rock the socks off everyone in Red Dragon UV contacts. There’s so many options that it’s hard to choose, but you can’t go past the eerie and mysterious magic of a pair of Twilight New Moon UV lenses. You’ll look like you are straight out of a horror movie or had the help of a professional make-up artist when you look this glowingly good.