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You’ve probably seen the full range of coloured contacts on offer with MesmerEyez.

Maybe you’ve even been lucky enough to score yourself a pair or two (or three, or more). You know the great look you can get and the looks you get when you wear them – a little special attention and sometimes you make a big splash.

Now there’s a whole new range that will blow you and anyone else away.

Black contacts!

Oh yeah – you might’ve thought it wasn’t possible to go that dark, but that’s exactly what black eye contacts can do. It opens up a whole new side to you. It takes the mystery to a whole new level.

Wait a second! Black contact lenses? Are you crazy?

No we’re not, but you’d be crazy to miss out on the freaky fun you can have wearing black contacts.
It’s seriously hilarious to see some of the reactions.

Maybe don’t wear them when you visit your Granny and think twice about putting them in when you’re heading to that job interview. Although, you will get noticed in black contacts – guaranteed.

Party On in Black Contacts

Wearing a great costume is always a head turner at whatever party you hit. Imagine the looks when you rock up in black contact lenses. You’re saying – “This party goer is ready to roll!”

You’re going to steal the limelight and make it your night when people stare into your pair of black eye contacts.

A little break out from the same old-same old and a little freak out for everyone else.
You won’t believe the fun or the fuss over such a simple bit of fakery.

Bewitching eyes that really mesmerize.

Pop in your new pair of black contact lenses and away you go!

Shades of Grey contacts

Maybe black contacts are one step too deep for you to start with.
Get a cool effect with grey contact lenses.

You can bring out a special effect in your eyes with the magic of grey contacts.
We’re talking serious mysterious here.
Who’d have thought your look would change so much with just a touch of gorgeous grey?

The shades are simply sumptuous. How do these sound?
Velvet Grey, Pearl or Smokey Grey and the lilting look of London Sky. These grey contact lenses are full on captivating.

Black or Grey – What do you say?

Whether it’s a pair of grey contacts or the full blown black contact lenses you go for – Or, why not hit the spot and go for broke with both? You deserve a little cheeky mystery about you. Spark up your senses right here – right now.

MesmerEyez is the place you can get an unreal look for real.

Black contacts, grey contacts and the best of blue, brown, green and everything in between is here.

Grab your chance to grab a pair today at MesmerEyez.

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