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Cosplay Costume Lenses

Nearly everyone loves cosplay or costume parties. Maybe you’re super shy, but would love to try to go all-out just once. The clothes, a wig, makeup – the whole she-bang!

A great way to add a little spark to your dress up is using Cosplay contact lenses.

You’re going to go to a bit of trouble to look good. Remember, everyone can see if your effort is half-hearted because you’re costume will probably look a bit half-arsed.

Getting fitted out like your favourite character or dressed like someone that will knock everybody else for six is all about the little details.

That’s where costume contact lenses can make all the difference.


You wanna dress like Wonder Woman, Catwoman or maybe even a character from Game of Thrones (hello, so last year).

You’ve got to get the dress or outfit happening – then you need the hairstyle (which can be your own hair done up special or, if it’s a fussy thing, go big with the wig).

Now, you’re all dressed up and made up too, but did you know you can add a little extra glamour?
That’s where costume contacts are the real winners.

Take Catwoman for example. Great looking cat-suit, even got a tail happening.
You toss in a pair of cat’s eyes and you’re looking like the real deal. Well you can do it with special costume contact lenses.

And if anyone else comes to the party as the same character – you’ll have that extra edge.
Not trying to be mean or anything – just saying.


When it comes to the fun of cosplay and costume parties, it’s the choice of character that matters the most. A guy going as Superman is coming off second to someone dressed as Doctor Strange. Same story with two girls going as a sexy devil and only one has the red demon eyes going on.

Just how do you expect to pull off your favourite character if you don’t have the whole look right?
We’re talking Bella from Twilight with bright blue eyes, or Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy with all the green skin going on but nothing in the eye department. Same goes for Mystique from X-Men or Margot Robbie’s bubbly but a little kooky, Harley Quinn.

Make a list of what you need for your character and check what’s happening with the eyes. Whatever character you choose or have your heart set on, you can do it with help from costume lenses.

Going as an alien? Tick. What about a She-wolf? Done and dusted. Your list of choices goes on because there’s costume contact lenses that are the perfect finishing touch.


Even if you don’t have a cosplay need for costume contacts, you can always say a big Yes to a fancy dress.
Having your own set or sets of costume contact lenses means you’re always up for a dress up.

We’ve all been caught short on getting a good costume ready for a party. Your costume lenses can make a simple outfit all the more impressive and you’ll look like you’ve gone out of your way with an out of this world look.

It’s an easy fix to a tricky problem – so keep a set or two in your place when you need that special edge to your outfit.

Must be super expensive? Uh-uh. Costume lenses are super affordable and super easy to wear. They’re the key to opening the door to a world of fun.

So whenever you get your next invite – make a bee-line for the eyeline of your character and get thinking about which costume contacts will make the best impact.

Don’t miss your chance. Your costume contact lenses are online now – that’s Australia wide! Need more? Head to our online store or shoot us a message.

MesmerEyez can have you looking a winner 24/7.