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Fancy Dress Coloured Contact Lenses
Who doesn’t love a fancy dress? Okay, maybe shy people and party poopers.

Imagine walking in and everyone you talk to is mesmerised. You don’t need to spend

hundreds on an outfit. Go with the Wow power of cheap fancy dress contact lenses.

Anyone who looks into your eyes will be captivated with your cool crazy contacts.

Now, you can fuss and get frantic about what to wear but it’s the little things that matter. Why not use a little help from crazy contact lenses?

Go to a little effort and you’ll be rewarded. Go that extra mile and you’ll be all smiles because you will hear people saying you look Totes Amaze.


Let’s say you go to the party looking pretty damn awesome. You’re really cooking with gas and then someone else turns up dressed in the exact same outfit!
No need to cry and I’ll tell you why.

You’re not the same because remember – you have your MemserEyez party contact lenses in. That other poor soul is out cold because you look the real knockout!

All the finicky bits, flashy shoes and fancy make-up ain’t gonna make up for the fact that your eyes are sizzling with the magic of crazy contacts.

Who’s the cooooolest looking cat at the party? It’s you glamour-puss.
That’s where those crazy lenses are making everyone go crazy.

Imagine real cat’s eyes staring back at you in the mirror – purrrrrrrfecto!
She-devil lenses

that mean you could be getting a little naughty tonight!

How about Dead White, Bloody Red or Blackout? Check these out these kick-arse collections.


Is there anything worse than going to a party and there’s zero atmosphere?
Hell no – so raise a little hell yourself with a killer outfit.
Cheap fancy dress contact lenses mean you can set the joint on fire.

Freak everyone out in the best way with some kooky and crazy contacts.
Wanna be the Wolf that gets all the whistles?


For one day or night, even a whole year and everything in between.
Crazy contact lenses are there to add some magic whenever you need them.

Make a list of what you need for your character and check what’s happening with the eyes. Whatever character you choose or have your heart set on, you can do it with help from costume lenses.
When you going to a Fancy Dress Party, come to your senses and get party contact lenses.

If you’re going to a fancy dress, you might think of going as an alien. Why not go like something really out of this world with special colored crazy contacts. It’s a little touch that does so much for an outfit.


Don’t mess up with your dress up – add a little extra to the fancy dress fun.
Check your checklist before you get decked out:

  • Up to the hair and do the Do right for the night
  • Eyes – before you make with the make-up, get those eyes singing your character
  • Make-up is where you add a little magic to those mysterious eyes
  • The outfit has to fit the character and your body – be them but be You too
  • Footwear – is where you start the end – walk the talk
  • Go top to bottom and all the way up again – make sure your look all set?
You can waste a killer thriller outfit if you don’t get it all working together. It’s a dead end without adding the special finishing touches.

Remember seeing someone dressed up a treat only to be let down by something missing! Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz with no red slippers? A devil in denim? A zombie wearing glasses?

The next time you say yes to a fancy dress – get it right. Get creative with cool, crazy contacts.

Don’t let you and your friends down with a dud Dress up. With MesmerEyez crazy contact lenses you’ll have a great look for a great night.


Do you have to blow your budget on a party? That’s a big fat Noooooo!
A bit of imagination and a bit of help from cheap fancy dress contact lenses and you’ll be amazeballs.

The best party contact lenses are here and now - online anytime with delivery Australia wide! Don’t be lame, remember the name.

MesmerEyez has the crazy contacts that you’d be mad to miss out on.