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Want to look like something from another world?
Want to blow people away with a really great costume?

Hello Halloween contact lenses!

The looks are just amaze-balls. You can stun, shock, surprise with mesmerising eyes.

All eyes will be on you and your Halloween peepers. Everybody will want to know how you did it! You’ll be wearing the Halloween contacts Australia is dying to discover.


Picture this:
It’s a Halloween party. Everyone you know is coming. Some people are going to the extremes for their scene stealing costume. We’re talking making their own witches broomstick… by hand. (You know the type.)

You just want to look great and have a great time.

Now, you decide to go as a devil, a ghost, a movie character or even a comic book hero/heroine. You put together your own costume or you hire one – but are you the only one?

Maybe there’s a few Bellas from Twilight – or 3 or 4 Wonder Women or Avatar characters. Wait!

There’s only one who has the magic touch of the special eyes and it’s YOU

It’s all done to that little touch of Halloween magic – it’s your Halloween eye contacts.


You don’t have to pay a million dollars to look a million bucks. That’s the beauty of coloured contact lenses.

It’s even easier when it comes to Halloween contact lenses. How’s this for a list of eye catching winners?

The style are stunners. Seeing is believing and believe me, you will be seen next Halloween.

Go vampire, alien, bloody red or bloodshot drops, even angel-like or ice walker blue. The range of Halloween eye contacts is just like the Hulk - incredible!


You don’t want to be a show-off – but you do want to look awesome. It’s Halloween!

We all want to go a little wild every now and then. A Halloween party is the perfect chance to go a bit crazy with your look.

How does a White Mesh strike you? What about Bloodshot drops? Purple glaze is sure to amaze and there’s Hellraiser eyes too when you want to go all out with your partying.


There is a chance that you could actually freak a few friends out, so be a little wary of scaredy-cats and give them a heads-up before they scream their heads off.

You may not want to win Best Dressed at the next party, but you better be ready for the award. Remember, you don’t have to wait for Halloween to wear Halloween contacts Australia! Why not go a bit cheeky and wear them to the next party you go to?


If you’re heading out for Halloween with friends – let the whole group go the whole she-bang!

What a laugh when a mob of Zombies all walk in at the same time?
Dead cool or undead cool, maybe both. You could swoop in as the Cullens with Twilight eyes sparkling.

Going as a couple – how does a devil and a wolf suit ya? Maybe dead white eyes and full blackout?
Halloween eye contacts mean you can really make an entrance. There’s a haunting look for everyone.


Where are the Halloween contacts Australia is all begging for? There’s one way to remember how to mesmerize people. Just the leading online contact lenses store with more.

MesmerEyez – is THE place to head. Get your dead set gorgeous eyes - 24/7.


Where are your contact lenses sent from?
All contact lenses are shipped from Melbourne.

How long does delivery take?
We offer delivery choices for express postage and regular post, meaning postage can take 2-10 business days depending on your location and our mail carrier.

Can you put halloween contact lenses over regular contacts?
No, if you are already wearing regular contact lenses, these will need to be removed prior to placing your crazy new halloween contacts in your eyes.