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Natural Contact Lenses that are naturally beautiful.
Naturally warming
Naturally lovely
Eyes that surprise and captivate – and they’re yours when you want them.

Go sweet honey brown when you hit the town or a hint of chocolate that will melt hearts.

Beguiling blues from sapphires to mysterious misty moments
Eyes to swim in and cool as!

Find your most alluring way. 
Make it with sexy and sultry shades of grey.

A look of envy in your deep jewelled jades and greens.
With those eyes, you can’t apologise for being seen.

It’s you in a whole new league with a look of intrigue.

Add a little mystique and a little magic. You’ll have something special going on. You’ll have a secret something about you for all the right reasons in all different seasons.
Stunning shades of natural colours.


Uh uh! MesmerEyez are non prescription natural contact lenses.
No prescription just a description of OMG!
You’ll give yourself a whole new ‘Me’. With a Wow and Pow and look at me now!!

They’ve gotta be super expensive. Right?
You’re wrong.
MesmerEyez make adorable, easy and affordable.

How can they be cheap natural lenses? There’s gotta be a catch.
Catch your breath and relax. It’s all real and it’s all natural.
These are cheap natural lenses that’ll have you looking a million dollars.

It’s all about you and giving you the full colour range.
Remember, MesmerEyez when you want a colour change.
Transform and transfix anyone who looks into your mesmerising MesmerEyez.

Fancy a bit of fun and being a little cheeky.
What a sight! You’ll be seen in a whole new light.

We all wanna look good, well why not look great!
You can sparkle and smoulder as much as you like in the colour and shade that suits your style.

It’s not a tiresome, time wasting make-up trick. It’s a super easy make-over.
Move over sisters, this girl is coming on through!


Take your pick to match your mood.

How about a quiet dinner with someone new.
You’ve dressed to impress and you’re looking pretty fine.
Go one step more with a look that isn’t just good – it is goddam gorgeous.

Out to party. Hit ‘em with the full blitz.
You’re not just cooking, you’ve got so much spark that you’re sh** hot and happening.
So get it happening now!

Even your friends will feel like calling the cops ‘cos you’re killing it with peepers like this.
You can say “Sorry guys! It’s all in the eyes.”
Colour your world with MesmerEyez.

You used to have to get a special appointment and prescription for something so fancy.
Oh no amigo! Put some razzle dazzle on show.


If you have an eye for fashion or an eye for creativity, here’s your chance to shine.
Even if you’re just craving a little change, you can make it. We make it easy for you.
These cheap natural lenses can turn your world around.

We’re talking Non Prescription Natural Contact Lenses, so almost anyone can wear them.
You can choose from a whole world of natural colours.

Honey browns, chocolate and caramels, maybe an ice blue or there’s sapphire, topaz and diamond too.

Want a look just to make that one day something else?
Maybe you love it so much you’ll keep it for a whole month.
Why not get your own look for each season?
You could be bewitching for the Winter, alluring across Autumn, sparkle in the Spring or sizzle through the Summer.


Take a look at all the looks on offer.

Your new YOU starts NOW with amazing eyes from MesmerEyez.
We all want a great look - It’s only natural.
Now it’s here.